Our TU Chapter helped out with Alverthorpe Park's annual fishing derby for kids, which was held on Saturday, June 2, 2007..

Alverthorpe Park in Abington held their annual fishing derby at their lake on Saturday, June 2 from 9:00 AM to noon. Three of our TU Chapter members came out to assist the derby. Joe Bradley was there as the 'offical weigher' as well as to entertain the kids, which made the time go quickly by. Joe Veasey was there with his tackle box to assist any child in need of hooks or rod repair. Joe Veasey also entertained everyone at the main table with many stories about fishing and life experiences. Walt Kononenko was there to help in taking deeply set hooks out of fish and turtles as well as to photograph the event.

There was a nice turnout of kids with their parents, but it seemed that fewer kids were participating than in the previous years. Right before noon the prizes were awarded to kids in 3 age groups for the biggest fish, the second biggest and 3rd biggest. The prize winners were photographed and everyone left satisfied.

Jessica Tholey, the Park's Recreation Supervisor of Abington Township, acknowledged and thanked the TU members for coming out to help.


June 13, 2007
photos (c) by Walt Kononenko

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