Dave Storm's Excursion to the Salmon River

Dave's successful trip to the Salmon River in January 2002. Here's his report:

Date: Wed, 30 Jan 2002 23:29:02
From: Dave Storm
To: "Kononenko, Walter"
Subject: Steelhead Fishing

"Hey Walt,

I just picked up pictures of my fishing trip to the Salmon River and thought you'd like to see and put one on the web-site. It wasn't your conventional flyfishing style the called it chuck & duck. You have a nymph tied on with about 4-6 weights on what ever it took to take it down to the fish and if you got hit everyone could hear it clunk! This was the 1st time I had ever taken off my hat with the fly. Give me traditional dry flyfishing any day, but this was the biggest fish I've ever had on a flyrod about 28" and around 10#. Pretty nice. It was a slow day on the river and the guide said I did great being it was the only fish I had on and landed it also. Wow!

There were other fish caught. One guy had 4 and a few others, but from what I remember they were foul hooked in the rear. They say it happens alot with Steelheads. NOT MINE!!!


Salmon River beauty everywhere salmon country 28" beauty ... "I was told that you can take Steelheads on dry flies that I would like to see an do!" A perfect day ... a 28" and 10 lb steelhead caught on a size #14 nymph and 9' 8wt rod

Dave's map of the area

A few further remarks from Dave about the time, place, rod and fly on his remarkable catch.

"January 20th, 2002 (approximately 9:30 am) a light snow was falling and the sun was peeking through the clouds and it felt good but not like having a 10# fish on the line bending your rod and better yet landing your first Steelhead! (Male)

Size-#14 blue abdomen stonefly nymph

9'-8 weight J.P.Ross Salmon River Special Rod w/A S 7/8 Redington Reel

Altmar, NY - Bridge St. off of Rt. 13 - SE of Pulaski, NY"

Photos by Dave Storm
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