Information of our Growing Green Grant request

To: Members of TU Chapter 468,

The Southeast Montgomery Chapter of Trout Unlimited has submitted a request for a Growing Greener Grant in the amount $1,545 in support of the construction of 4 additional deflectors on the Pennypack Creek in the Lorimer Park area. The construction of these deflectors is a part of the Pennypack Stream Restoration Project that the Chapter has undertaken in cooporation with the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission (PFBC) and Lorimer Park.

Last year, Chapter volunteers constructed four stone and log deflectors based on a work plan that was created in collaboration with Carl Lutz of the PFBC. Carl helped us out by securing all needed permits for the project, and the Commission generously provided a grant of $1,500, which we used to buy the stone. Lorimer Park officials helped us enormously by donating the logs needed for the project as well as by being on the spot when the stone was delivered. Last year, the first year of our project, we installed four deflectors; one stone deflector, two log and stone deflectors and one single log deflector, all with volunteer help.

We are optimistic that the fruitful partnership with the PFBC and Lorimer Park will continue this year. The completion of four additional deflectors will restore the natural channel of an 800-foot stretch of the Pennypack, scouring the stream bottom of sedimentation, improving habitat for both fish and aquatic insects and enhancing recreational opportunities for park visitors. The deflectors will also help protect the stream banks from erosion.

Chapter members are confident that the success of the project is just the beginning of a broader effort to turn the Pennypack into an attractive recreational resource for the Philadelphia area. We look forward to continued cooperation with both the PFBC and Lorimer Park, and we hope that the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection Growing Greener Grant program will join the ranks to restore the Pennypack Creek watershed.

Richard Ulrych
Southeast Montgomery County Trout Unlimited Chapter # 468
February 14, 2002

Chapter members in September, 2001 constructing stone and log deflectors

Volunteers at work

photos by Dave Storm

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