Southeastern Montgomery County Chapter 468 News Report for September, 2000

Chapter's Lehigh River fishing excursion: Another memorable impressions on a great weekend on the Lehigh River by Mike Wilson

Date: Mon, 21 Aug 2000 08:37:35 -0400 From: Mike_Wilson/ To: Subject: Chapter fishing trip 8/19/00

Walt, Just a quick report on our chapter fishing trip. Attending were Mike Wilson, Al Kahoun ( my Brother-in-law ), Ray Young, Rich Ulrych and A.J. Speicher ( prospective new member ). The troops assembled early Saturday morning ready to challenge the mighty Lehigh River. Conditions were exceptional with air temperature in the 60's in the AM and mid 70's during the afternoon - water temperature went from 64 degrees in the AM to 68 at mid day - water level was low and clear.

The morning was spent at "Sandy Beach" where Trout and Smallmouth Bass were the quarry. Dark nymphs worked early and blue winged olives came off as the sun appeared.

After a sumptuous breakfast at the world famous White Haven Family Diner and a short break we returned to the river below the Francis E. Walter Dam. We fished the "Long Pool", and the fish jumped just enough to peak our excitement. Trout, Smallmouth Bass, and sunfish kept us busy. Caddis and small light mayfly imitations were the ticket.

taking a break good water with plenty of action

a great day on the Lehigh River

A stop for Antonio's pizza and antipasto fueled the body for the final assault. The evening found us at the renown "Kostyk's Pool", where we eagerly awaited the evening's hatches. We were not disappointed - Slate drakes, yellow stoneflies, light cahilles and tan caddis all appeared. Finding the right fly became the key to success. Some fish were sipping and some were slashing. Both emerger patterns and dries worked on individual fish.

One of our group slipped away to find his own secret spot, and returned at dark to relate how he had caught and released fish after fish. Of course we didn't believe him. We follow the old Indian proverb " a fish caught by yourself doesn't splash" - so no splash - no fish !!!

I think everyone enjoyed the day, and hopefully we can make this an annual event.


Photos by Ray Young Jr.


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