Southeastern Montgomery County Chapter 468 News Report for August, 2002

Subject: Chapter's Lehigh River excursion, August 3, 2002

Trip report by Mike WIlson

Seven chapter members ( Ray Young, Rich Ulrich, Denis Mora, Dennis O'Gara, Bill McNamara, Paul Stahl and Mike Wilson ) arrived in White Haven Saturday morning at 8:00 AM to challenge the mighty Lehigh River. We knew in advance that the Corp. of Engineers would be releasing water from the Francis E. Walter dam over the weekend, so we were prepared for high water conditions. The Corp. of Engineers has been releasing water the past several weekends, at a flow of 500 CFS - the water is high, but fishable.

We started the day behind the dam in an area I call "the long pool", which is a 300 yard long stretch of flat water below a 100 yard riffle. A few fish rose on the far bank, but the action was slow. We fished this area until we broke for breakfast. Several fish were hooked and landed, several were hooked but not landed, and several followed but didn't take.

After breakfast and a short break we headed back to the river at the "flat rock". Again a few fish were rising to damsel flies, but we were unable to match this hatch. Several smallmouth, panfish and a few trout were landed and released. We left to take a break and get some dinner. We dined at Antonio's Pizza Palor, and Bill McNamara introduced us to healthy pizza. Take a tomato pie with peppers, mushrooms and broccoli and you've got a real treat. Of course we had a pizza with half mushroom and half pepperoni just in case.

We returned to the river at Kostyk's Pool to try our luck for the evening. Again a few fish rose, but the action was slow. One or two trout made up our catch.

Although we didn't get many fish we did enjoy a wonderful day on the river. Hopefully all the members enjoyed their day as much as I did. We did discuss the possibility of another trip in the fall, and I'll let you know if we're able to schedule a date.


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August 5, 2002