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Southeastern Montgomery County Chapter 468 News Report # 2 for May, 2001

Our annual Penns Creek fishing trip was a great success. Seven of our members plus one quest participated and stayed at Lykens Valley hunting and fishing camp near Poe Paddy State Park flyfishing Penns Creek May 17- 20, 2001. We were all guests of our Chapter members' Dick and Hall McKinny, who are also members of Lykens Valley Camp. The weather was on the cool side but otherwise perfect for flyfishing on Penns Creek. Our guest, Steve Ware from Downingtown, a TU member from Valley Forge chapter, caught an 18-inch brown trout on a dry fly. Steve will also be our next speaker at our forthcoming meeting on June 12, 2001.

Here is an short report from Mike Wilson on this year's long weekend excursion:

"I believe the Chapter Weekend at Lykens Valley Camp was a hugh sucess; at least it was for me. Hall and Dick McKinney hosted Chapter members Ray Young, Dave Storm, Dennis O'Gara, Rich Ulrich and Mike Wilson. Guest Steve Ware also joined us. The fishing was slow, and as a result I had more time to " relax and smell the coffee ". I arrived about 2:00 PM Friday and of course everyone raved about the terrific Sulphur hatch that morning and how the fish were everywhere. That afternoon, I worked my way downstream from the camp and met up with Hall, Dick and Ray at " Brockerts" in the early evening. There had been a tremendous March Brown hatch and both March Browns and Sulphurs were everywhere. Caddis were also coming off in large numbers. We all had some sucess, but just seeing the prolific insect activity is a thrill for me.
Saturday found Dennis, Rich and I upstream from the "19 hole". Caddis and some Sulphurs came off, but the fish were not jumping. Limited sucess was the order of the day. The lack of activity gave me a chance to spend some time in camp just relaxing. We watched the birds and fed the chipmunks while sitting in the shade enjoying the cool breeze off Penns Creek. Later in the evening were hiked through the tunnel and again fished the fast water below. As someone stated, " the fishing was wonderful, the catching was a little slow ". We enjoyed the fabulous scenery and watched for jumping fish, and actually caught a few. Back to camp for a late snack and swapping stories. A fine finish to a terrific day.
Hall McKinny and Mike Wilson Ricard Ulrych and Denis O'Gara relaxing on Penns Creek
These photos were taken by Mike Wilson

Steve Ware mentioned that this was his first time in a " fishing camp ". He told us that he'd read about fishing / hunting camps, but had never visited one. He's originally from Tennessee, and apparently they don't have them there. As I thought about this, I realized how lucky we are to access to Lykens Valley Camp. I'm not sure we appreciate how fortunate we are to live in Pennsylvania, where traditions of this type were born and are still alive for us to enjoy. Just makes our conservation efforts more meaningful - to preserve these special places for our children and grandchildren."

The following photos were all taken by Dave Storm at Penns Creek and several at our homestream Pennypack Creek in early May.

Brown trout Penns Creek Brown trout Penns Creek Brown trout Penns Creek Butterfly lunch on digested crayfish Penns Creek hole 19 Penns Creek hole 2 Penns Creek upstream Pennypack early May Pennypack brown Pennypack brown rise Penns Creek Steve Ware on Penns Creek

The following photos were submitted by Ray Young:

Lykens Valley Camp on Penns Creek Lykens Valley Camp
our members waiting for the hatch
trout water Richard Ulrich on Penns Creek
Pennsylvania's treasure - Penns Creek
a perfect day on Penns

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July 13, 2001
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