Chapter's Penns Creek weekend at Lykens Valley Camp

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Photos by Walt Kononenko

Our Trout Unlimited Chapter has been going to Lykens Valley Camp for an extended weekend for many years to fish the famous Penns Creek. We are guests of fellow chapter members Dick and Hall McKinny, who are also members of the Lykens Valley Camp. This year Penns Creek level was very high, caused by heavy rains in April and continued into mid May, making the fishing for wild trout difficult. The water was muddy from runoff from the many farms upstream along with all sorts of other debris being pushed downstream. We did not see many insect hatches during this time in mid May. Fishing for wild trout is always difficult on Penns, even with normal flow and clear water, but there were some successes in hooking up with some nice wild browns. As usual, we had a great time on Penns, and our thanks and gratitute to Dick and Hall McKinny for having us at the camp. - Walt Kononenko

Penns Creek 2008
TU Chapter members at Lykens Valley Camp May 15 - 18, 2008

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A few more photos from Mike Wilson


May 21, 2008


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