Peens Creek Chapter Trip Report

The following fishing excursion report to Peens Creek was written by Mike Wilson and photographs by Dave Storm

Date: Mon, 20 May 2002
Subject: Penns Creek Trip

Walt, Just wanted to give you a report on our chapter trip to Penns Creek. Our hosts Dick and Hall McKinney welcomed 6 chapter members ( Ray Young, Dave Storm, Rudy Gable, Bill McNamara, Denis Mora and Mike Wilson ) to Lykens Valley Camp for the weekend.

The members arrived Thursday and Friday with visions of Penns Creek browns and brookies rising to the prolific sulfur, grey fox and march brown hatches of mid May. Unfortunately mother nature did not co-operate, and heavy rains left the creek high and discolored. Instead of dry flies we were faced with woolly buggers and streamers bounced on the bottom. Several members connected and were able to land some hefty browns. Dave Storm decided to explore the small brooks and runs in the area, and rewarded with a number of native brook trout.

Friday it rained all night, which pretty much ended any thoughts of the creek fishing normally. Members made field trips to Milroy and State College to replenish supplies and visit the local fly shops. Ray, Bill, Rudy and Denis spent some time with Greg Hoover, and reminisced about his trips to Lykens Valley Camp. A trip to Penns View ( with a spectacular rainbow ), sitting by the creek waiting for the fish to jump, and a hike through the tunnel to the "broad waters" rounded out the day. Saturday evening was spent swapping tales and enjoying the fellowship of the camp. Sunday morning after breakfast, 3 of the members gave it one last try without success.

In my youth I would have called this trip a washout. As I get older, my perspective has changed. We were able to spend time together and get to know each other a little better. Had we been fishing, we would not have had that opportunity. Most of us only see each other once a month, so the camaraderie we enjoyed was something special.


Photos (C)2002 Dave Storm
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May 22, 2002


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