Southeastern Montgomery County Trout Unlimited Chapter # 468 annual trip to Penns Creek May 16 - 18, 2003.

Mike Wilson reports:

"Penns Creek was great as always. We had six chapter members and guests. Dick McKinney was our host, with Ray Young, Dave Storm, Tom Frank, Dennis O'Gara and his son Ryan and myself staying at the Lykens Valley Camp on the shore of Penns Creek. Members arrived Thursday and Friday for a weekend of fellowship and fishing. It rained all day Friday, so the creek was high and discolored most of the time. The cold front that accompanied the rain didn't help.

We were able to entice several Penns Creek Browns and Brookies with a combination of sulphurs emergers and duns as well as Dick McKinney's special caddis imitation.

Dennis O'Gara and Ryan explored some of the small stream action in the surrounding mountains, and Ryan caught his first native brookie on a dry fly that Dave Storm had "whipped up" just for the occasion.

Tom Frank was staying in Poe Paddy campground for another two weeks, so we'll have to get his report when he returns.

Dave Storm and Tom Frank took some digital photos, you can contact them for some photos of the trip."


Mike with a pretty brown (photo by Tom Frank)

The previous 7 photos were taken by Mike Wilson May 17, 2003

Tom Frank's impressions:

"Hi Walt,

Here are a few photos...the "Mike Wilson series." Mike had a great day of fishing on Saturday, in what was thought to be tough fishing in murky water. He fished the bottom in fast moving pocket water. Many people would have looked at the water color and level and decided it was a little too high and off-color for good fishing and therefore not even bother trying, but Mike really knew how to find the fish. He caught about a half dozen fish that afternoon, most of them being in the 14-17 inch range. Luckily, I picked the right guy to fish with considering I had the camera! Photos named 1, 2, and 3 are of the same fish, about 14." The other shots are of him in action, fighting different trout.




These photos were taken by Tom Frank
. Tom's email address:
Tom's camera: Canon Powershot G3

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The adventure continues ... Penns Creek at the Trestle and Lykens Valley Camp

catch and release area lower entrance

At the Camp ...

Tom says this is how Mike looked the first thing in the morning before coffee.
Ray Young, Jr.(photo taken by Dave Storm) Dave Storm
Dick McKinney Dick McKinney from Trestle

Tom Frank, his girlfriend Tracy Bruni, his Dad, and friends Charlie and Judy Heathcote ...
Tom and his 14" trout (Tracy took photo)
10" beauty Tracy
Dad and Frank Charlie and Judy Heathcote

Campfire photo by Tracy native another local

January 18, 2005

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