Here's Mike Wilson's report from our TU Chapter's annual excursion to Lyken's Valley Camp on Penns Creek May 12 - 15, 2005.


"... Just a quick report on the annual Chapter Trip to Penns Creek.

Dick and Hall McKinny hosted 5 Chapter members ( Denis Mora, Dennis O'Gara, Tom Flannery, Rich Ulrych and me ) along with a former member ( Tom Frank ) for the weekend at the Lykens Valley Camp.

Dick, Hall and I arrived early Thursday afternoon, and were joined by the others who arrived Friday and Saturday. The weather was near perfect with warm sunny days, and cool evenings. We had a couple of thunderstorms Saturday evening, but they didn't cause us any problems, other than some wet gear.

The creek was in great shape, and was actually low for this time of the year. I've gotten used to high water conditions, and seeing the creek in it's mid-season form was a real treat. We were greeted by the usual suspects - March Browns, Grey Foxes, Caddis, Blue Wing Olives, Midges, and the Penns Creek favorite the Sulphurs. We spent time at most of the "spots" - Brockerts, The Broadwaters, Rainbow Riffle, The Curve Pool, Love's Hole, The Mill Dam Pool, and of course The Home Pool.

Most of the morning was spent nymphing the pocket water, with a number of fine native browns coming to hand. We even had a couple of brookies thrown in for a change of pace. The evenings were the "magic time" when the sulphurs hatched, and we turned to surface fishing. Either emerger patterns or dries were the fly of choice, with Tom Frank's sulphur spinner flies used for the last 15 minutes just before dark. A number of browns chose our flies, and we had some terrific fishing each evening.

The Sulphur spinner fall at dark was something to see ( assuming you could see ), with fish rising everywhere. Of course you couldn't see to tie on a fly, and you couldn't see your fly on the water, and you couldn't see the fish take your fly - but other than that it was terrific.

Tom Flannery hooked a monster in the Mill Dam Pool Saturday evening, but was unable to land the beast. The last time I spoke to Tom on Sunday norming, he was still having flashbacks. I suspect Tom will be back for more. I think everyone had a great time, I know I did."



photos by Denis Mora and Mike Wilson

"The Penns Creek gang"

a Columbine showing its full colors

... a Penns Creek wood turtle ...

May 18, 2005

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