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Southeastern Montgomery County Chapter 468 News Report for June, 2002

Subject: Re: Our Chapter's Pennypack Stream Project Survey with Karl Lutz and Future Plans

Adopt - A - Stream Project :

Joe Veasey, Denis Mora and I met with Karl Lutz of the PA Fish & Boat Commission last Wed. April 17th to evaluate the work we had completed on our Adopt - A - Stream project, and to determine what future work should be done.

1. Karl was pleased with the 4 deflectors we installed last year. No problems with the construction or position.

2. We reviewed the plans for the upper project area, and decided to repositioned / modify several of the 5 deflectors. I made notations on the new positions, and modifications to the devices. Based on the size and configuration of these devices, I expect we will be able complete the 5 deflectors this year.

3. We decided to extend the project area downstream @ 600 feet. We waded this section and determined where additional "in stream" devices should be placed. Between log and stone deflectors and single log deflectors, a total of 12 devices are planned for this area. Carl will send us a computer generated plot plan of the new section shortly.

4. Karl also conducted a Stream Assessment of the new project area. One of the obvious problems with the creek ( both the current section and the new area ) is the lack of cover for the fish. Karl suggested getting larger rocks / boulders for placement in the stream channel. I'll see if we can't identify a source for this type material.

5. We reviewed our proposed monitoring program. We'll start the monitoring program at our June work day. We will be monitoring the stream channel, stream bottom particle size, macro invertebrates and water temperature.

6. The June work day is being changed to June 29th. No change to the other work days.

Joe took some photos and they will be made available at a later date.

This summary was written by Mike Wilson, April 22, 2002

The following images are plans of our Pennypack Creek stream improvement project as recommended by Pennsylvania Fish and Boating Commission as of May/June 2002.

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These 3 images were photographed by Dave Storm from the official PFBC drawings

Pennypack Creek in Lorimer Park in Huntingdon Valley

Our TU stream restoration and project area and home stream

The following photos were taken by Karl Lutz on April 17, 2002.

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June 14, 2002
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