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Southeastern Montgomery County Chapter 468 News Report for January, 2002

Subject: Re: Our Chapter's Pennypack Project Summary and Future Plans

Adopt - A - Stream Project :

During the summer of 2001 our chapter finally realized a long time dream of the members. "In stream" work started on our Adopt - A - Stream project area in Lorimer Park. Working with Carl Lutz of the Fish and Boat Commission, we selected the project area, and the "in stream" devices to be installed. The project area involves @ 800 feet of stream bed where 8 deflectors were to be installed. Our goal is to deepen the stream and reduce sedimentation, which will result in improved habitat for the fish.

In order to facilitate the work, the project area was divided into 2 sections with 4 deflectors in each section. During 2001, we worked on the lower (downstream) area. We had 4 work days ( July 21st, August 18th, Sept. 22nd and Oct. 20th ), with work scheduled from 8:00 AM to Noon each day.

Stone and logs were our primary materials. The stone was purchased through a grant from the Fish and Boat Commission, and logs were provided by Lorimer Park. Four truckloads of stone were delivered to the park on July 12th in preparation for our first work day.

July 21st - 15 chapter members worked to install the first deflector ( stone @ 26' x 15' ) on the near bank, and to prepare the site as a staging area for work on the devices on the far bank.

August 18th - 14 chapter members installed the single log deflector ( log @ 20' long ), and set up the foundation for the first log and stone deflector.

Sept. 22nd - 11 chapter members worked on completing the first log and stone deflector ( @ 30' x 10' ).

October 20th - 13 chapter members installed the second log and stone deflector ( @ 30' x 10' ) and cleaned up the staging area.

We have photos of the 4 work days ( see our Web Site ) which show the construction process and the finished devices. A total of 212 "man hours" were expended on the project.

Note : Just this weekend I went to Lorimer Park to see how the devices had held up during the recent high water. Judging from the debris, all the devices were submerged at some time. I could not detect any damage to the devices. The water was still cloudy, so it was difficult to determine if there had been any reduction in the sedimentation in the area.

We have arranged for Carl Lutz ( PA F&BC ) to visit the project on April 17th. We hope to accomplish the following :

1. Wade the lower area and the check the condition of the deflectors we installed.

2. Check the upper area to determine if the original plans are still applicable. Review the devices to be installed and verify their placement.

3. Walk the area downstream of the project, and formulate plans to extend the project area.

Determine what work can be done to improve habitat in this area.

4. Check upstream of the project area to decide if we can reasonably do any work in this area. Determine what work can be done - recognizing the accessibility problems.

5. Identify areas for future stream side plantings.

Five work days for 2002 have been scheduled - June 22nd, July 20th, August 17th, Sept. 21st and Oct. 19th. During 2002 we expect to complete the remaining 4 deflectors in the project area. Our long range plan is to extend the project area downstream through the park.

January 28, 2002

Photos by Mike Wilson (updated 4/2/02)

new stucture on the Pennypack

log and stone


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April 4, 2002
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