March 9, 2002

Trout Unlimited President Charles Gauvin was the guest speaker at the SE Regional TU meeting, Saturday, March 9th at 11:00 AM, at the Upper Perkiomen Valley Library, Red Hill, PA (near Green Lane Reservoir in Montgomery County). He gave a slide program on TU projects across the country and discussed the future of Trout Unlimited. Thank you Charles for coming to our meeting and to see couple examples of the stream restoration projects in the area and also for an informed slide presentation from an historical perspective of trout and salmon situation here in North America. It was a well received presentation and was appreciated by all. We thank you for taking the time in visiting us and meeting the members of the southeast Pennsylvania TU chapters.

Charles Gauvin, along with the chapter officers from the southeast region of Pennsylvania, took a tour of the stream restoration projects along the Perkiomen Creek. The tour was guided by Lou Wentz along with Don Douple and Paul Raubertas of the Perkiomen Valley chapter. The Perkiomen Valley Chapter has done a nice job working successfully with land owners, farmers and the public. Congratulations for a nice job done on the Perkiomen Creek and it's tributaries and good luck in the future. Ken Undercoffer, the President of Pennsylvania Trout, was also present at this meeting.

At this meeting Charles Gauvin also presented Ray Young, Jr. of the Southeastern Montgomery County TU, an inscribed pewter platter to acknowledge Ray's years of unselfish work and devotion to his chapter and Trout Unlimited. Without Ray's dedication the SEMCTU Chapter #468 would not be where it is today. Thank you again Ray.

Joe Mihok, Southeast Pennsylvania Regional VP of Pennsylvania Trout Unlimited and of Bucks County TU, was the organizer and host of this meeting. Congratulations Joe, Lou, and the rest of Perkiomen Valley TU chapter and the attendees. This meeting was a great success.

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all photos by Walter Kononenko

1, Charles Gauvin with Lou Wentz. Lou is explaining the Perkiomen Valley Chapter's work along the Perkiomen Creek
2, Lou Wentz showing the plantings and stabilizing materials along the banks
3, Perkiomen Creek 4 5 6 7 8 9, On another section of the Perkiomen Creek.
10 11
We stopped at one of the farms, the Forever Green Farm, that allowed the Perkiomen Valley TU chapter to plant along the stream bank plantings of young trees and bushes with the main purpose of sheltering the feeder stream from the sun and cattle. The owners of the farm are Keith and Margaret Masemore.
13, Don Douple further explaining the improvements done to the tributary on this farm 14 15, Lou Wentz of Perkiomen Valley Chapter

16, Joe Mihok of Bucks County Chapter, South East Pennsylvania Regional Vice President of Pennsylvania Trout
Ray Young, Jr. being presented with an inscribed award platter acknowledging his work and dedication in building Southeastern Montgomery County Chapter # 468 by Charles Gauvin, President of Trout Unlimited
18, Charles Gauvin talking during the slide presentation 19 20 21 Charles Gauvin, President of Trout Unlimited
Ray Young, Jr. with award platter surrounded by members from Southeastern Montgomery County TU Chapter # 468.

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March 18, 2002