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Southeastern Montgomery County Chapter 468 News Report # 2 for May, 2001

We held our first streamside meeting in Lorimer Park Tuesday evening to discuss our stream improvement project on the Pennypack Creek. We had 12 TU members from our Chapter present at this meeting and Scott Morgan, the Lorimer Park supervisor, joined us in the discussions. We discussed the exact location of the stream deflectors (diverters and log), the type of rocks to be used, the transport of these rocks to the bank, the timing of the actual start date. Still there are unfinished questions as from which quarry we will buy the material, the transportation and costs. Mike Wilson, our Chapter's project manager has everything under control and will look into all the options and continue to prepare all the necessary steps as needed for our part to improve the stream water flow and adding survival habitat and living conditions for trout and other aquatic life in this stretch of the Pennypack in Lorimer Park. There will be a lot to learn and work for all. The bottom line at this time is that the Chapter is ready and able to start. Stay tuned for updates for meeting schedules.

This project of ours calls for installation of 8 in-stream devices, 7 deflectors and one log (for cover for the trout). At this time the project is scheduled to take two years to complete. We expect to start this June.

As we get closer to implementing this project we will organize an effort for fund raising and the call for volunteers.

Mike Wilson describing the sizes and locations of the stream diverters in Lorimer Park. Scott Morgan, the Park's supervisor, was present and gave much needed advice. This project of ours calls for installation of 8 in-stream devices, 7 deflectors and one log (for cover for the trout).
This project is estimated to take two years and we should start this June.

This is one of the spots where we are planning to put deflectors on both sides, to force the stream flow to pick up speed thus clearing away and preventing the sediment from occuring at this location (but allowing the sediment to go further downstream, still a net improvement for the stream).

Mike Wilson (holding the project's plans) discussing the type and size of rocks for the weirs.


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May 16, 2001