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Southeastern Montgomery County Chapter 468 News Report for Junr, 2001

As usual we participated in the annual Youth Fishing Derbies in our community in helping out on June 2nd at Alvethorpe Park in Abinton/Jenkintown and at Kleindients Pond in Cheltenham, both in southeast Montgomery County. That day was just perfect for the derbies with a lot of kids with their families participating. The fishing was also terrific, especially at Alvethorpe Lake, where a constant stream of sunny's, bass and catfish kept the park's measuring and weighing crew busy. At Kleindients Pond, the action was slower, but still large fish were caught, especially a handfull of large catfish. Below are some snapshots taken of our members showing some of the activity at the ponds.

The following report "To Members of Chapter #468 Assist at Annual Fishing Derbies for Youngster" was written by Ray Young, submitted June 12, 2001.

Again this year three Fishing Derbies were held to introduce young anglers to the fun of fishing. These fishing derbies are staged by the following organizations with members of our TU Chapter assisting the youngsters in rigging their lines, and helping to unclig mono birdsnests in closed end reel.

1. Huntingdon Valley Rotary - at Terwood Road April 21st
2. Abington Twp Recreation Dept. - at Alverthorpe Park June 2nd
3. Cheltenham Rotary - at Kleindients Pond Tokany Parkway June 2nd

The following members assisted the young anglers at:

Huntingdon Valley (estimate 150 kids) - Paul Stahl, Jr. and Dave Storm
Alvathorpe Park (estimate 160 kids)- Bill Bender, Joe Bradley and his stepson Jason, Walt Kononenko and Ray Young
Kleindients Pond (estimate 130 kids)- George Benson, Denis Mora and Bill Frazer
(Thus the estimated total participation of youngsters for the three derbies is around 440, in addition to dads and moms. Respectable turnout and great satisfation to all participants. - W.K.)

These Fishing Derbies are a lot of fun for the youngsters, as well for the parents, the TU members who give of their time to assist. The organizations who stage the Derbies also gain much in community spirit through this annual activity.

1, view of Kleindients Pond activity Saturday, June 2nd.
2, George Benson helping out 3 Dennis Mora, Bill Frazer and Ray Young.

Photos 1, 2 and 3 at Kleindients Pond
4, Bill Bender, Ray Young and Joe Bradley 5, One of the participants with a nice largemouth

Photos 4 and 5 at Alvethorpe Lake

The following photos were submitted by Ray Young

Ray Young, Joe Bradley's stepson, and Joe Bradley with the trash containers our Chapter made and made available around Alvethorpe Lake
Another photo of the young fisherman who took the largest largemouth from Alvethorpe Lake George Benson helping out


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June 2, 2001