Local Stream information around Philadelphia and Southeastern Pennsylvania region

Listed below are some of the trout streams located in our surrounding area (with the exception of Penns Creek, which is one of the destinations for one of our group trips), in the lower southeastern portion of Pennsylvania all within 1 - 1.5 hour's driving distance from southeastern Montgomery County.

Most of these streams are stocked with trout and are managed as "put and take" fisheries, while others support wild trout. Some of these streams are also regulated and where applicable these regulations will be noted.

For more details and current information regarding special regulations please consult the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission. Also consult the Pennsylvania Summary of Fishing Regulations and Laws booklet that is provided with your license.

Pennypack Creek, Montgomery County (Philadelphia and Montgomery Counties)

Pennypack Creek is our "home stream". Our TU Chapter meets regularly at the Pennypack Trust and Ecological Visitors Center. We do annual stream cleanup, trout stocking and monitoring of the stream. In Lorimer Park we have a stream improvement project that has been underway since 1999 and is continuing to this day. We hold fishing clinics and participate in fishing derbies on the Pennypack. This is our home stream.

Pennypack Creek is managed as a put-and-take trout fishery, no special regulations apply. The Pennypack is stocked with adult size rainbow, brown and palamino trout prior to opening day and at different times after opening day on through the month of May. Trout are stocked beginning in Lorimer Park area and at various locations downstream to the Frankford Avenue bridge. Much like the Wissahickon the Pennypack is heavily fished early on and warms considerably during the summer months. Once again, in order to find trout look for deep pools and runs, and sections where cool water enters the main stem. Pennypack Creek is also part of the extended season program.

Pennypack Creek through Lorimer Park is stocked with trout as part of the in-season stocking program only, it is open to fishing from March 1 through April 17, however no trout may be taken or possessed during this period.

The section of Pennypack Creek that runs through Lorimer park is our Trout Unlimited Southeastern Montgomery Chapter's Adopt-A-Stream and Stream-restoration project. Please go to the following link for detailed description of our home stream and the special stream improvement project that our local Trout Unlimited Chapter is working on. This is the early report going back to Summer 2000. For updates on this project go to our SEMCTU home page (link at the bottom of this page).

Pennypack Creek stream flow at Rhawn St., Philadelphia

Pennypack Creek

Pennypack Creek in the Trust property

Wissahickon Creek, Montgomery County (Philadelphia and Montgomery Counties)

The Wissahickon Creek is managed as a put-and-take trout fishery, no special regulations apply. The Wissahickon is stocked with adult size rainbow, brown and palamino trout prior to opening day and every so many weeks until about mid May. The creek is also stocked during early October as part of the extended season program. The upper end that is stocked runs through George Washington State Park in lower Montgomery County and the downstream portion in Philadelphia runs though Fairmount Park and is stocked at various locations from Northwestern Ave downstream to Walnut Lane.

Although the Wissahickon is heavily fished early in the season and has thermal problems with temperatures running up into the mid to high 70's during the summer, trout can be found in deep pools and runs, and sections where feeder streams provide cooler water.

One area that is worth checking out during late August through December is the stretch from Rexx Avenue downstream to Valley Green. This particular section provides adequate shelter and forage for holdover trout and cooler stream temperatures than other sections of this stream. Other late season productive pools can be found just below the Red Covered Bridge area about a mile downstream of Bells Mill Road, and the deeper pools below Valley Green Inn.

Upper Wissahickon Creek stream flow at Fort Washington Park, PA

French Creek

French Creek looking upstream from the covered bridge

French Creek looking downstream to the covered bridge

Valley Creek

Pickering Creek

Tohickon Creek, Bucks County

Tohickon Creek, Buck County

Tohickon Creek from upstream at the covered bridge in Ralph Stover State Park

typical fishing excursion in Tyler State Park in June

Tohickon Creek stream flow

Neshaminy Creek, Bucks County

Neshaminy Creek about 3/4 mile upstream from dam in Tyler State Park

typical fishing excursion in Tyler State Park in June
Neshaminy Creek stream flow

Little Lehigh

Delaware River

Link to Delaware River Basin Water Flow Stations provided by USGS
Delaware River at Montague

Penns Creek, Center County One of our favorite streams - Penns Creek, Center County
Link to Penns Creek description and location provided by "The Feathered Hook Inn and Fly Shop"

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June 14, 2005