Photo report of shad stocking and restoration project in the Pennypack Creek in Philadelphia April 26, 2006.

Den Mora took the photos.

From Den Mora ... " The Pa. Fish and Boat Comm. came down from the Vandike Hatchery out in central Pa. to stock Hickory Shad in an attempt to reestablish a reproducing population in Pennypack Creek. Hickory Shad typically return after 3 years. This is the third year of the effort and some fish should be returning this year, with much bigger numbers next year and the following years. Earl Myers, a biologist with the commission and an assistant stocked 1.3 million fish on Monday and an additional 700,000 on Wed. More fish are scheduled for this Sunday. The area we're putting the fish in is the Frankford Ave. section, just below the old dam. This section is just above the area of tidal influence."

..." The dam has breached from past storms, but it is still considered a barrier for the migration of Shad. It is scheduled for removal."

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