Several members from the Southeastern Mont. Co Trout Unlimited chapter assisted the Pa. Fish and Boat Comm. with a Hickory Shad stocking on Pennypack Cr., Sat. April 30th. 5,171,999 Shad fry ( no, I didn't count them) were stocked in the creek at Frankford Ave. This is part of an ongoing project to restore native fish to the Pennypack Watershed. We should start to see some return at 2 years old, with the majority coming back at 3 years old. This compliments a stocking last year.


(update as of May 6, 2005)

The picture where they're unloading boxes of fish, is of Sam, Phyllis Shiels (Sams' wife) and Mike Hendricks. The picture of the man with long sleeves is of Mike Hendricks, The short sleeve man is of Earl Myers. We put more fish in on Wed. and will put more in this weekend. So far we're over 6.5 Million.


(update as of May 9, 2005)

We've finished the Hickory Shad stocking for the year. Total for the Pennypack is 8,049,377.
If 1 out of 200 return that would bring back over 40,000 fish to the Pennypack. WOW! Keep your fingers crossed.



photos by Denis Mora

Sam Shiels stocking shad fry ...

thousands of shad fry ... into the water they go ... Sam and Phyllis Shiels with Mike Hendricks unloading truck Mike Hendricks Earl Myers

May 9, 2005

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