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Southeastern Montgomery County Chapter 468 News Report for March, 2001

We held our third stocking of brown trout on the Pennypack Creek Saturday March 17, 2000. We had a large turnout of Chapter members, members' family and friends. The fish hatchery truck came on time at 10:30 AM and we all got into our cars and followed the truck to Kirk's place. From there we hiked down the trail and the group spread out to release about 200 trout over a large portion of the Pennypack. The weather was just perfect for the stocking, clear and in the mid 40's. The creek was running high from all the rain we had the previous week and skunk cabbage and snow drops were everywhere. Now our job is to monitor and see if our trout survive. They should survive if we go by previous years' experience. Several of our members have seen the trout on many occasions and even caught a few. This year we had a few toddlers helping with the stocking. See the photo montage below. All photos taken by Walt Kononenko.


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March 23, 2001