Pennypack Creek in Lorimer Park stream assessment and training January 16, 2005

Here is a summary and a few pictures from the training given by Jason Cruz.

On Sun. Jan. 16th, Jason Cruz of the Philadelphia Water Department gave several members of our chapter training on gathering and identifying aquatic insects for the purpose of assessing streams. This is part of an ongoing effort of the Water Depts. Office of Watersheds, for the Pennypack Rivers Conservation Plan. The insects were very cooperative. Several species were present including Sowbugs, Scuds, Dragonflies, Midges, Craneflies, and Caddisflies. The Caddisflies of the Genus Hydropsyche were especially numerous. This was certainly an eye opening experience that will greatly assist us in evaluating streams before and after restoration projects. A great time was had by all in spite of the below freezing temperatures.

Den Mora


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Photos by Den Mora

January 18, 2005

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