TU workday on the Pennypack Creek in Lorimer Park October 15, 2005

This was our last workday on the Pennypack Creek in Lorimer Park for 2005. We had 5 chapter members on the stream and in addition, we had a dozen teenagers with two councilors from Montgomery County's Juvenile Department. Without these young people and the two councilors we would not have made as much progress as we did. Mike Wilson coordinated the building of another stream structure with 5 logs and stone. Other chapter members that were there were Al Cahoun, Walt Kononenko. Joe Veasey and Dick McKinney. Joe brought hoagies and drinks for all the workers, which were appreciated by all the volunteers. Every one of the participants put in a lot of work on a beautiful Saturday morning on the stuctures.


October 17, 2005
photos (c) by Walt Kononenko

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