New electrofishing record...55 lb. striped bass

Date: Fri, 12 May 2006 16:47:27 -0400
From: Denis Mora

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> Subject: New electrofishing record...55 lb. striped bass
> Leroy,
> Delaware's electrofishing crew set a new Delaware Estuary striped bass
electrofishing record when they captured a 54.8 lb. striped bass (48.6
in.) last week at Pennsylvania's lower Navy Yard site in Phila. (about a
mile upstream from the Schuylkill R. confluence). It is the first photo
attached below and this fish would have broken the Pa. state record for
hook and line from the Delaware R. and from inland waters. The second
photo is the longest striper caught during any electrofishing by DE or Pa
over the years. It is 2 mm longer, but lighter (49.2 lb) than the fish in
the first photo and was caught behind the Phila. Airport. Delaware's crew
always electrofishes in Pa. as part of their spawning stock assessment and
this year due to low flows allowing the early advancement upriver of the
salt line they have been electrofishing in Pa. most of the time. The high
salinity in the state of Delaware is preventing electrofishing from
occurring downriver from Pa.

A 55 lb. striper is news anytime so I will pass this on to Tim Klinger
and Art Michaels. Thank you to the state of Delaware's fisheries
biologist Greg Murphy for the photos.

> Mike

> > <<54.8lbSTBLwrNavy.jpg>> > > <<49.2lbSTBUPS.JPG>>

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May 12, 2006


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