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Our Trout Unlimited Chapter started working on another conservation project last fall in our Pennypack Creek watershed. This new tree planting project follows on the success of past and continuing improvement and revitilization projects, which are the Huntingdon Pike dam removals and the stream flow enhencement devices on the Pennypack Creek in Lorimer Park.

This current riparian buffer restoration project is part of our Project Headwaters initiative and is funded by a TreeVitalize Grant provided by the Montgomery County Conservation District.

On Saturday May 3 and Sunday May 4, 2008 a large turnout of our members arrived with shovels and hammers in hand to continue work to plant trees at the headwaters of Pennypack Creek.

We planted 500 trees and shrubs on the National Land Trust property located near Welsh and Mann Roads in Horsham, Pennsylvania.

The Land Trust property, some of which is leased to Ed and Karen Thompson, who live next to the land trust parcels and operate a small scale working farm raising black angus cattle.

The Thomson's, along with several other volunteers, worked side-by-side with our chapter members and they also provided a wonderful lunch for all volunteers at their house. This lunch was greatly appreciated as well as the commaderie by all.

This was the second planting of trees at this site; the first one was November 3rd, 2007 with the planting of 170 trees and schrubs. The trust property is fenced off from the livestock and is being allowed to go back to it's natural state. These newly planted trees and schrubs, with the existing grass and bushes, will protect the natural springs which are the source of our home stream, the Pennypack Creek.

The waters from these springs continue to flow through the mostly built-up southeastern Montgomery County, combining with waters from other springs and runs to form Pennypack Creek as it flows toward and through northeast Philadelphia on its way to the Delaware River.

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May 3, 2008


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