Trout Unlimited Southeastern Montgomery County TU Chapter#468 in Pennsylvania

Southeastern Montgomery County Chapter 468 News Report for March, 2000

Update *** March, 2000 ***
Activity report - Trout stocking on the Pennypack Creek March 11, 2000. This was our second stocking on the Pennypack Creek. We are stocking one year old trout to see if they can survive and hold over from everything that the Pennypack water can throw at them. We know of several environmental factors like stress from the treated water from Hatboro, the high water temperature and drought from last summer, the affects of Hurricane Floyd which washed tons of debris into the stream snd possibly washed the insect life away as well. We will be monitoring the waters for sign of survival.

Update *** April, 2000 ***
Activity report - Mike Wilson reported in April at our monthly meeting that he saw several healthy trout busily feeding during one of his excursions along the stream in early April. The Pennypack is supporting insect life and with it 'our' trout plus other wild fish.

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